Site Features

If you choose to join up, here is just some of the features you will find inside:

First Login
After registration you will be asked
A) To confirm that you are human.
B) Fill in basic information about yourself.
You will only be asked to enter this information once, the next time, any future logins will not ask you for this information.

This is a pretty straight forward messaging system, popups are enabled by default, but they can be switched off (or back on again) in "Settings".

Quite simply a list of people you have added/accepted to be your friend. Further options become available once your buddy accepts you.

Easy to use (unannounced) chatrooms with an array of special features, see "Chat Controls" for further information.

Easy to use message boards with a host of integrated features.

Cloud Storage
Your account comes complete with a 100% private 10GB cloud storage feature, in here you can upload things like audio, video, photos and document files, which all are given a unique individual URL for you to hotlink/share as you feel free (both internally and externally), plus it is fully encrypted and nobody, not even the admins will be able to see or have access to anything you put in here.

Any photos uploaded here can be seen by anybody who looks up your information internally, you do have the option to set your preference to buddies only, where only people on your buddy list will be able to see them, but if you do not wish to show your photos to everybody or just your buddies, you can upload them to your cloud account and share them with only the people you wish to see them.

Anon Messages
Here you can send anonymous messages to any user without revealing your identity, to stop the feature being completely abused, the admins do have the functionality to reveal which account has sent the original message.

Here is where you can update your personal user information that you wish to share with people, you can also search for users, browse all profiles or choose between genders to browse through.

In here you can modify all of your settings, such as updating/changing your password, manage toggles for popups & new user banner, configure whether you wish to appear online or offline whilst you are logged in, apply a colour theme to your account other than having the default site colour (which may not be to your individual taste) and other site related settings.

These are a selection of emotive icons, such as (wave) that you can use pretty much anywhere within the site, we currently have a database of 120 emoticons for you to use for your own enjoyment.

We have recently redeveloped our system to now work with your devices pre-programmed emojis, you will be able to use the Smileys emoji category with ease, bringing the site to life with familar friends such as that you can use pretty much anywhere within the site.

All of our services are completely free, however you will need an email address to join.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact an admin, or post your question in the Your Questions Answered forum.


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